This Valentine’s Day, those looking for a one-of-a-kind ring to match their one-of-a-kind love can design their own bespoke ring which encompasses who your partner is and what you both treasure.


Luxury diamond jewellery company, 64Facets, offers a personalised engagement ring design service with a free consultation where they will walk through and assess what the most important factors are for you before making a personalised selection of diamond options.


In addition to choosing your ideal diamond, the setting of the stone also expresses your unique relationship while 64Facets ensures the structure is kept as delicate and fine as possible to create a stunning engagement ring.

64Facets is a family owned business comprised of talented diamantaires and craftsmen whose expertise spans multiple generations. They have perfected the art of cutting and polishing diamonds, crafting fine ethical jewellery for every occasion. Every rough diamond is hand cut to fully realise its unique beauty, entrapping the beholders vision for decades to come.


Founder Gourav Soni says: “At 64 Facets, we love using Old European and Old Mine cut diamonds for engagement rings as they sparkle brightly while still allowing to see inside the diamond to admire its interior glow.


“We regularly cut diamonds in the cushion shape, which is traditional yet with a modern twist which offers a unique glow that ourselves and many have fallen in love with.”


Whether designing from scratch or searching for the perfect engagement ring, it can be an overwhelming experience, which is why 64Facets has put together five tips to help fiancés-to-be know what to look for when buying their special diamond.


To start, understand the four C’s of diamonds – Colour, Cut, Carat Weight and Clarity. By assessing each of these points, you will discover the quality and value of a diamond and ultimately the price point it should be at. 64 Facets breaks down the basics in this detailed article.



Secondly, look for something that compliments your personality rather than following a trend. Diamond shapes can go in and out of fashion, so choose a design which reflects your taste by prioritising what you care about most to narrow your search down whether that’s the size, colour, clarity, shape or design.

If it is a gift such as an engagement ring, try to ask questions on the sly or get the best friend to ask for you so that you can discover what their personal preferences are. Alternatively, designing a bespoke ring can give you the creative freedom you need to turn your vision into reality.


Third, save time by setting a budget with a cut-off limit to determine the quality and kind of jewellery you are looking to purchase. Focus + prioritisation = finding the perfect piece.


Fourth, ensure your diamond carries a certificate of authenticity. This will give you peace of mind as it validates the quality of the stone. For example, 64Facets uses GIA to assess the quality of its loose diamonds.


Lastly, maximise value for money by considering optical illusions when designing or searching for a diamond ring. Using thin, delicate bands can make your central diamond appear larger and grander as well as using gemstones or smaller diamonds as a halo around the central stone.