Gin Lane 1751

Gin Lane 1751 is a celebration of the Victorian gin-making era, with a style of bold juniper & hints of liquorice. 


It has been created by Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers, an 8th generation distiller, and The Bloomsbury Club – a group of gin lovers & drinks industry professionals. Gin Lane 1751 “Victoria” Pink is a small batch gin, and the only authentically-made pink gin on the market.  It is infused with naturally blended spiced bitters and can be served neat and well-chilled as the simplest of cocktails or as a chic alternative to a Gin & Tonic.


Victorian Pink Punch

Inspired by the Victorians’ love of shared, warming punches

400ml Gin Lane 1751 “Victoria” Pink Gin

200ml Ruby Port

800ml Apple Juice

300ml Pomegranate Juice

200ml Spiced cordial

50ml lemon juice

Orange & Lemon peel; 20 cloves; 10 green cardamom


Garnish: dehydrated lemon wheels, star anise

Serve: in a large sharing bowl; ladle into tumblers

Place everything in a large, heavy bottomed saucepan. Heat until warm, but do not boil.  Keep on a low heat for 20 minutes. Remove citrus skins and then garnish individual serves with dehydrated lemon wheel and star anise.


Spiced 1751 Negroni

A Negroni is the gin lovers’ cocktail of choice

25ml Gin Lane 1751 “Victoria” Pink

25ml Lillet Rouge

25ml Luxardo Bitter Bianco

10ml Spiced berry cordial

Stir ingredients in a shake and pour into a rock glass over large cubed ice.

Garnish: redcurrant sitting on the rim, dusted with icing sugar



Winter Garden Fizz

20ml Gin Lane 1751 “Victoria” Pink Gin

15ml Fig liqueur

2 dashes of cherry bitter

Squeeze of lemon wedge

Sparkling wine (Prosecco, Champagne)

Pour the gin, liqueur and bitter into a flute.  Add the squeeze of lemon and top with sparkling wine.

Garnish: a fig quarter skewered on a cocktail stick


RRP: £19.99

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