Hair for Valentine’s Day

Date night on Valentine’s Day is wonderfully special and you want to look your best for your loved one. To achieve beautiful Valentine’s Day hair read these brilliant expert tips.


The Low Ponytail

From Karen Thomson, Owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa and Scottish Hairdresser of the Year

The low ponytail is the perfect Valentine’s Day date night hairstyle. It’s an understated and effortless style but it looks super chic and is perfect when teamed with a pair of statement earrings. To create the ponytail, gather all your hair back and secure with a hair tie at the nape of the neck. If your hair is too soft, using a dry shampoo is great to give your hair hold and grip before creating your ponytail. Once your ponytail is complete, I always advise pulling some pieces of hair out around the front of the face, as this helps to frame the face and give the hairstyle a softer, more romantic finish – perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Vintage Waves

From Neil Barton, Goldwell Ambassador and Owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing


Vintage Waves never go out of fashion and this hairstyle screams romance! I particularly love this hairstyle when it’s paired with a deep side parting to give the hair volume and that old school Hollywood Glam finish. To create the look, I recommend using hot irons or curling tongs with a large barrel wand to create larger and looser looking waves. Once you have worked your way around all your hair with the hot iron/curling tong, put all your hair to one side of your face and use a brush to softly brush the waves out for softness. Finish by using hair oil and scrunching this in the waves to provide them with more body and also to give them a gorgeous shine.


Sleek, straight and shiny

From Dylan Brittain, Owner of Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon, Schwarzkopf UK Ambassador and International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International


Sleek, straight and shiny hair is super sexy and the perfect hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. To create the hairstyle, it’s key that you blow-dry your hair straight once you have washed it, using the nozzle facing downwards on your hair. This will blow-dry your hair straight and also avoid it from being frizzy. Once you have blow-dried your hair, to ensure your hair is super straight, use hot irons to go over your hair to give your hair sleekness and shine. Finally, for optimum shine and to smooth down any flyaway hair or frizz, use hair oil, serum or a shine spray. These products are great for giving your hair extra gloss.


Bouncy Curls

From Carly Price, Partner for Muse of London

Bouncy curls are a super glamorous hairstyle and are perfect if you’re heading into town or somewhere special on your Valentine’s Day date night! For this look, I love to use heated hot rollers, as they really provide the hair with super big and bouncy curls and give the hair height. However, if you do not have any hot rollers, a curling tong or hot irons are also great. Prior to curling all your hair, I always advise misting some volumising spray in the hair to give it added volume and to provide the curls with hold. A key tip of mine is that once you have curled a section of hair with your curling tong or hot irons, gently take the curl in your fingers and up the curl and pin it into place with a hair pin. This will allow the curl to set and will give it extra bounce. Once you have curled and pinned all of your hair into place, wait around 10-15 minutes until all your curls have cooled down and then take all of the pins out of your hair, this will result in big, glamorous, sexy curls. Finish off your look by using a wide toothcomb to gently separate the curls and be adding some hairspray to give the hair hold and shine.


Braided Ponytail

From Simon Hill, Owner of SESH Hairdressing

Valentine’s Day usually means romantic, feminine styles that are soft and sultry but there is no reason why you can’t step outside the box and try something with a bit of texture and grit instead. The braided ponytail has a bit of both to keep your look pretty enough for date night but also maintain that almost grungy edge. Begin by taking a section of hair down the centre starting from the front and braid towards the nape of your neck – for a really textured finish you can also add in some knotting to add another dimension. Once you have reached the nape of your neck, secure the hair, using a clear hair tie so this can’t be seen, into a low ponytail before backcombing the lengths of your hair. Finally finish with some salt spray to hold this look in place and add a final element of texture and movement – date night ready in under ten minutes!


Beehive Updo

From Krysia Eddery, Owner of Perfectly Posh Hair Design

The Brigitte Bardot inspired beehive updo is a classic style and one of my favourites for Valentine’s Day. This look oozes elegance and beauty and is perfect for any date night. To achieve this height in your hair, a good blowdry and rollers are key. To begin with you need to create a classic bouncy blowdry with lots and lots of volume – use a round barrel brush for this and drag your hair upwards away from your scalp to create height. Once you are happy with this it is time to add rollers, if possible put them in throughout the day and leave them in for a few hours to allow them to really mould your hair into shape. Then begin to form the beehive shape by back combing at the crown and using the under sections of hair as padding. Secure with hair grips similar in colour to your own hair and mist over some hairspray to make sure this lasts throughout the evening.


Soft Space Buns

From Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing

I love hair ups for special occasions and especially Valentine’s Day. A cool way to modernise a classic hair up is to opt for space buns with a bit of a twist. Adding soft braids to the front of this look to frame your face is a nice way to add a feminine touch and stand out from the crowd. To create the space buns, section your hair into two down the centre and pull into a bun at either side of your head. Tease and backcomb the hair a little to give some movement and texture before securing and loose strands in place with hair grips, making sure to leave some hair out to create the braids. Once you are happy with the position and shape of the buns, begin to braid the remaining hair using your favourite type of braid – I like fishtail best. Allow this to sit softly round the sides of your face to frame your look and lock in place with a strong hairspray. This look is super feminine and fun making it ideal for Valentine’s Day.