If you use the computer every day the Mousetrapper Prime is ideal for you. This is an ergonomic alternative to a mouse that prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse.

The Mousetrapper Prime lets you work wirelessly via USB, and has two separate buttons make it easy to scroll and zoom in and out.  It also has eight programmable buttons so you have plenty of options for configuring your Mousetrapper exactly as you want.

By downloading the Mousetrapper MT Keys software, you can also easily reconfigure all the button functions, add standard texts and create user profiles to choose functions that you want.  The MT Keys software is available on both PC and Mac.

Another great feature of Prime is that it has wipeable and replaceable wrist supports, making it easy to clean. It also has a folding keyboard support, which makes it equally compatible with new low-profile keyboards and higher profile standard keyboards.

The Mousetrapper Prime is easy to use and makes using a mouse more comfortable. This is ideal for me when I am working as I use the computer a few hours a day. I also loved the super-slim, ergonomic design and found the height adjustment useful.

An ergonomic alternative to a computer mouse

The Mousetrapper Prime’s battery is rechargeable and it has 6 months of battery life between charges. Prime is compatible with all PC and Mac computers with a USB port. The MT Keys requires Windows 7 or later or Mac OS 10 or later.

The Mousetrapper Prime comes with a USB cable for easy connection and charging and an instruction manual to help you get up and running quickly. The RRP is £312.00.